uDoo - studying and more

The udoo system offers students the possibility to apply to lectures and lecture-exercises, to subscripe to newsletters in order to inform themselves of lectures or institutions and to get a quick overview about current informations and downloads.

Udoo offers an extensive administration for academy institutions enabling them to administer academy courses and courses' websites, employees and their websites, news and downloads. Based on the central data housing, a consistent frontend experience can be offered.


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    1. Members of the WWU (students or non-WI-employees) can use their ZIV-identification to login.
    2. WI-employees can use their WI-identification.
    3. External individuals (non students) can use their email-address.

Advice for login

If you are a student or a member of the WWU Münster sind, please use your ZIV-identification.
Otherwise you can register here as an external user and then login with your email-address.

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If you - being an external user - lost your password, you can request a new password here.

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